The Toddler Program (18-3 years)

We are a play-based and theme-oriented program, aimed at assisting your child in all areas of growth, such as social, emotional, physical and intellectual development.

We value the whole child and we understand that toddlers from 18 months up to 3 years have very specific needs. They can have a fickle attention span and an endless interest in newness and change. The Toddler Program is dependent on teacher “direction” in the children's play. Adult interaction and facilitation is essential to the teaching and re-teaching of pro-social behaviors. The toddler requires a delicate balance of freedom and adult supervision as their self-help progresses into autonomy. Young children learn through play and need to be provided with many varied opportunities to explore and experiment with concepts through hands-on activities in their natural environment, through play and active learning. Our activities promote optimal physical, emotional, cognitive and social development while teaching respect for oneself and others, and building positive self-esteem.

While personal attention is our first concern, we encourage safe, gentle interactions between toddlers as their social awareness unfolds. Self-concept, independence, and imagination blossom during the toddler years. Toddlers come together as a group during our “Circle Time” strengthening social skills and complementing the attachment group philosophy. However, toddlers are known for their parallel play (playing the same thing beside one another) and are given many opportunities to explore their own interests. The age and development skills of the toddler range vastly, therefore, the activities planned are simple and open-ended in concept. This simplicity allows the children to initiate more complex play at their particular level of readiness. Staff communicate daily with parents concerning feeding, sleeping and diapering schedules. In the Toddler Room, we try to make the children feel comfortable, just as if they were at home.

Firefly Room







11:30-12 noon








Early Morning Free Play

Bathroom/Diapering and Handwashing

Breakfast followed by Free Play

Free Play and Daily Activity

Circle Time

Outdoor Time, Muscle Room or Music


Bathroom/Diapering and Handwashing

Story Time

Nap Time

Bathroom/Diapering and Handwashing


Free Play, Muscle Room

Late Program in the Purple Room